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Development Version!

Changes since last release:
admin 05a23df..60c1562:
  > Upgrade ruby to 2.6.0
  > update leihs-ui
  > update leihs-ui
  > update leihs-ui
  > update leihs-ui
  > chore: gitignore leihs-ui.tgz
  > clj-shared: add sysadmin? func
  > fix: redirect of managers of only inactive pools

database dbad9af..11fad11:
  > Remove .ruby-version file

deploy 55d1cc3..17fb373:
  > Fix deploy, fix container tests, upgrade to ruby 2.6.0
  > postgres: ignore upgrade errors
  > postgres: wait for open port
  > use database.port variable
  > fix: `SyslogIdentifier` in service files
  > speed up container-deploy
  > add caching for build artefacts
  > apache: restart instead of reload
  > ansible config set readable output
  > add python virtualenv setup for locally installed ansible
  > ruby-install: upgrade to 0.7.0, use tar archive
  > chore: remove integration-tests-inventory
  > cleanup: remove useless hashbangs and fix shell `set`
  > db restore vacuum analyze
  > fix missing services for stop task
  > fix: add missing secret to legacy cron job
  > Increase nofile limit for my service
  > add `SyslogIdentifier` for all systemd services
  > cleanup: remove unused system app
  > chore: ansible deprecations

integration-tests bd1b704..afafc67:
  > turnip: fix ambiqous steps
  > Remove and ingnore reverse-proxy/tmp
  > rspec: set external_base_url, use http for now
  > ci: container deploy
  > rspec: configure webdriver
  > scripts
  > ci: move top-level config to superproject
  > README: run locally
  > rspec: config documentation format
  > ci: ports config
  > rspec: ports config
  > vagrant: ports config
  > check in inventory, remove old setup/config/scripts
  > tidy up spec helper
  > remove basic spec
  > fix global session steps
  > pending tag
  > ci: debug
  > ci: timeout
  > Revert "ifupdown"
  > ifupdown
  > script: check for correct env
  > bash ':-)
  > fix language specs
  > build inventory branch
  > fix global session steps
  > wip
  > fix auth systems specs
  > fix admin specs
  > fix initial admin spec
  > psql 10
  > fix 443
  > user sections spec
  > wip
  > global navbar wip
  > redirect after login for user with no access
  > global navbar specs wip
  > redirects specs
  > global session specs
  > global session spec wip
  > auth systems specs
  > language spec wip
  > warnings false
  > admin section spec wip
  > exclude match
  > shared steps
  > write initial admin spec again
  > rspec setup wip
  > database cleaner
  > initial admin feature & convenience setup
  > more scenarios
  > sysadmin
  > remaining features
  > admin scenarios
  > main feature files
  > first admin feature
  > scripts: build inventory and deploy from outside of container

legacy 55e855f..57d753a:
  > fix: autocomplete for adding items to a package
  > Remove .ruby-version file and fix rubocop
  > Upgrade to ruby 2.6.0 with fixes and clean-up
  > fix: demo dump - migrations & passwords
  > fix: fetch both type of users for orders in global search
  > ci: v5 → master

my 096423b..7e264d3:
  > Upgrade to ruby 2.6.0
  > update leihs-ui
  > ui: sign in: autoFocus the user input field
  > ui: navbar: don't show sub app if only one app
  > Upgrade to http-cache-buster2
  > Remove debug statement from routes.clj
  > fix: sign-in: dont autocapitalize username (on mobile)
  > chore: gitignore build artefacts
  > clj-shared: add sysadmin? func
  > fix redirects
  > Fix: use unparsed values for sign-in; clean-up
  > js engine: use `conch` library for shelling out to nodejs
  > fix: redirect of managers of only inactive pools

procure ebc5a29..3ef203a:
  > Upgrade ruby to 2.6.0
  > lint: update, re-enable ci
  > add pseudo-languages for localization dev & test
  > Merge pull request #51 from leihs/feat/i18n
  > add env.js for runtime values based on process/window/etc
  > lazy load SpreadSheetExporter component
  > update snapshot tests
  > use new polyfills from create-react-appp v2
  > upgrade to create-react-app v2
  > npm upgrade
  > fix scripts
  > update leihs-ui
  > update leihs-ui
  > update leihs-ui
  > fix: skip authentication for files in dev/test
  > fix: presence of 0 for quantities
  > update leihs-ui
  > Sums for requester consider only requested_quantity for budget period not past (#52)
  > clj-shared: add sysadmin? func
  > scripts: change ports
  > client: fix: handle if settings are empty
  > fix: redirect of managers of only inactive pools

zhdk-inventory cd7bc67..b5b99ee:
  > Configure AGW for
  > Fix http -> https agw CB external_base_url
  > Configure v5 agw for
  > add host `ffzh-leihs-prod`
  > new v5 settings final
Current Release

We recommend existing instances to wait for v5.1 to upgrade their system (First time installations can use V5.0)

Breaking Changes:

  • The existing LDAP-adapter concept has been replaced by a general leihs authentication-API (Example code available)
  • Modernised internal password hashing - existing passwords are not valid anymore. Managers or Admins need to enter a new password for them.

Rewrite of authentication

  • Possibility to manage Authentication-Systems in Admin section
  • New sign-in UI for internal and external accounts
  • Sign-in via email address or login (username)
  • Modernised internal password hashing - existing passwords are not valid anymore
  • The existing LDAP-adapter concept has been replaced by a general leihs authentication-API (Example code available)

User accounts

  • No fields are mandatory anymore
  • Possibility to create api-tokens for users


  • New Admin-application
  • New API to sync users and groups from an external system
  • New entity “groups”
  • Replaced: Manage users
  • Replaced: Manage Delegations Rewrite and redesign of the delegations page in Admin section


  • Rewrite of the Procurement app (German only at the moment)
  • Can be used on mobile devices
  • New role “Viewer” - only views requests
Previous Releases

Leihs 4.18.0

  • feature: enable and disable fields per inventory pool
  • feature: quick inventory export in admin
  • fix: sort pools alphabetically for borrow

Leihs 4.17.0

  • feat: send submitted order email
  • feat: improve field editor
  • fix: in field editor if you delete default value then choose another default value
  • fix: add lost styles for timeline again
  • fix: show max 100 results and debounce for autocomplete
  • fix: borrow calendar reload button
  • fix: borrow: set purpose as required field on order submit
  • translation: translate errors in borrow
  • translation: booking calendar translation
  • fix: show timeline in new tab for edit order

Leihs 4.16.1

  • fix: availability & retired items in borrow

Leihs 4.16.0

  • feat: simplify borrow inventory pools list
  • fix: hiding fields in create item was not working anymore
  • fix: dont allow to deactivate required fields in field editor for static fields
  • fix: calendar when max visits not defined
  • fix: ui-datepicker styles
  • fix: translation in borrow pools
  • fix: links in the new timeline
  • fix: show only pools with borrowable items in borrow models index
  • fix: daily view visits links
  • fix: borrow: templates order form
  • chore: refactor and improve performance

Leihs 4.15.0

  • feat: react booking calendar in borrow everywhere
  • feat: admin field editor
  • fix: borrow: deal with undefined max_visits in calendar
  • fix: borrow: templates order form UX
  • fix: simplify borrow inventory pools list
  • fix: more robust settings initializer
  • fix: various things in visits index
  • fix: borrow calendar back button
  • fix: error on templates page with session storage true
  • fix: empty start/end date in session storage
  • fix: show item count per room and inventory codes if less than 100
  • fix: room diff outputs not the items with unknown rooms but unly the unknown rooms
  • fix: make some settings readonly
  • fix: dont allow to deactivate required fields in field editor for static fields
  • fix: hiding fields in create item was not working anymore
  • translation: delete model error message
  • chore: remove paperclip from migrations #3
  • chore: remove inventory_pool_id from entitlements

Leihs 4.14.2

  • feat: new Timeline

Leihs 4.14.1

  • fix: borrow pools index and calendar on models show

Leihs 4.14.0

  • feat: verification filter for visits list
  • fix: rewritten booking calendar in ‘borrow’ section
  • fix: do not use category filter on inventory list for options tab
  • fix: when creating Models, dont save if errors
  • chore: refactor and improve borrow booking calendar
  • chore: container-test: handle missing image alias
  • chore: remove settings singleton

Leihs 4.13.0

  • feat: admin: suppliers: add note, UI improvements
  • feat: improve global search
  • fix: create model validation message for product and version
  • fix: do not show categories on inventory list if options are selected
  • fix: expert search text resources i18n
  • fix: i18n plural ‘Day’
  • fix: license saved message
  • fix: procurement: enhance category/template list UX
  • fix: procurement: validate whole numbers in forms
  • fix: remove filter visibility dependencies in inventory list and show all models after create new model
  • fix: remove paperclip from migrations
  • fix: remove paperclip from migrations #2

Leihs 4.12.0

  • feature: show thumbnail on edit item if attachment is of content type image
  • fix: contracts search must consider contracts purpose too not only orders purpose
  • fix: do not show inactive pools on borrow inventory pools
  • fix: inventory: upload attachments when creating model
  • fix: linkify inventory pool descriptions for borrow
  • fix: model validation of product name and version
  • fix: pools list in borrow section should list pools with borrowable items or contracts
  • fix: text resources for model product and version errors

Leihs 4.11.0

  • feat: logo link in footers, admin-configurable
  • fix: for deleting the last group from user
  • fix: negative general quantity for borrow calendar
  • fix: admin: form labels in settings
  • fix: correct error msg. in hand over
  • fix: Do not validate serial number when creating a package
  • fix: edit license page title
  • fix: improve form handling
  • fix: lending: when adding options to handover, don’t reload availability
  • fix: linkify technical details for license
  • fix: on inventory list show problems for license lines too
  • fix: show all contracts button in global search
  • fix: show contracts from deactivated pools
  • fix: Show retired label and inactive pool on item line in global search
  • refactor: user-session (in DB)

Leihs 4.10.0


  • dont allow to create supppliers on create and edit item forms, disable field supply category
  • fix: always show field inventory_code independent of role
  • fix: inspection label for take back
  • fix: include Software & Licences for take back
  • fix: model availability doesn’t count retired items
  • fix: show existing delegation contact user in swap user dialog
  • fix: use return urls for cancel of edit model etc
  • fix: translations for some create item buttons
  • fix: order list order by created at and group by user

Leihs 4.9.0


  • feat: Display purpose on take back line
  • feat: manage: search contracts by ‘compact_id’
  • fix: add missing key to en_GB for attachment error
  • fix: create item inventory code buttons
  • fix: delayed loading for inventory list search field
  • fix: edit item bugs
  • fix: edit order link from failed approval modal
  • fix: inventory list bugs
  • fix: ‘swap user’ form submission in Safari
  • fix: load package models in chunks to prevent too long urls
  • fix: validation of empty select

Leihs 4.8.0


  • feat: mark groups with too many assignments in red on group overview
  • fix: dont submit ‘swap user’ form when no user is selected
  • fix: hand over dialog autocomplete


  • feat: admin can inspect in all categories
  • feat: only block nav for changed forms
  • feat: refresh button in overview
  • fix: Inspectors can see accounting fields of other categories
  • fix: only show budget limits if configured


  • constraints for orders state and reject reason
  • add reject reason to orders
  • Remove purpose_id from orders

Leihs 4.7.3

  • Fix: Fix closed reservations contract state

Leihs 4.7.2

  • Fix: Redundant contracts in the list

Leihs 4.7.1

  • Fix: Button label for order line and group manager
  • Fix: Filter for verification required and order list
  • Fix: Reject button for orders with many items

Leihs 4.7.0

  • Feature: Disable flexible fields
  • Fix: Do not show location comma, if there is no location
  • Fix: Create item: save button i18n; date format; hide fields functionality
  • Fix: Show version for licenses on inventory
  • Fix: Inventory: edit Options, set inventory code as required
  • Technical: Orders & contracts refactoring
  • Locale: Admin inventory pool 18n

Leihs 4.6.0

  • Feature: inventory: add license version field
  • Feature: inventory: expert search
  • Feature: procurement: accounting type fields
  • Feature: procurement: inline edit request lines in overview
  • Feature: procurement: inspection comments templates
  • Feature: admin: show languages table
  • Feature: render app errors with details
  • Fix: Calendar and csv import translations
  • Fix: don’t crash on inactive dynamic fields
  • Fix: inventory: enable quantity allocations for every license type
  • Fix: inventory: don’t show “Undefined” types
  • Fix: inventory: don’t show location for item-licenses
  • Fix: inventory: image upload restrictions error
  • Fix: lending: for order lines replace buttons dropdown with rejected label after rejection
  • Locale: Add French translation
  • Deploy: Support Debian 9 “stretch”

Leihs 4.5.1

  • Fix: default hash
  • Fix: serialize User.settings
  • Fix: store -> serialize in item.rb
  • Fix: destroy in accept nested attributes
  • Fix: create fields rake task: inactive fields

Leihs 4.5.0

  • Fix: Fix create fields rake task: inactive fields
  • Fix: Fix access rights problems (fixes #283)
  • Fix: Patch image upload
  • Fix: perf: manage: inventory helper: limit autocompletes
  • Fix: Delete unsubmitted orders when deactivating pools (resolves #289)
  • Tech: Upgrade to Rails 5
  • Feat: Case insensitive take back

Leihs 4.4.1

  • Fix: Show item’s location in hand over assign dropdown

Leihs 4.4.0

  • Feature: Search in audits (resolves #256)
  • Fix: Borrow: remove broken links from categories list (resolves #259)
  • Fix: Admin: search for user in admin tab only searches for admins (resolves #166)
  • Feature: Release page + deploy info
  • Feature: Add metadata to files & attachments (resolves #265)
  • Fix: Serial number validation warning in inventory helper (resolves #255)
  • Feature: Change contracts sorting in global search (resolves #242)
  • Documentation: Add owner_id & inventory_pool_id to items
  • Feature: New entity: Rooms (resolves #228)

Leihs 4.3.1

Frontend Bug Fixes

  • Fix: BarcodeScanner: don’t operate on focused inputs
  • Fix: upgrade tooltipster jquery plugin

Leihs 4.3.0

  • Feature: deactive pools (resolves #223)
  • Fix: Forbid first admin user if already exists
  • Fix: Inventory search in location’s room (resolves #221)

Leihs 4.2.0

Inventory Feature and Bug Fixing

Manage section

  • When copying an item, the field “last checked” on the new item is set to the current date

Borrow section

  • The information in the links order, hand over and returns on the top of the page show on the right hand side of the page the date from and date to. Before we showed the dates until or since as f.e. 1970 days since 23.7.2014.
  • The error messages on the top of the page when sending an order were not shown correctly.

Leihs 4.1.0

Adjustments and Bug Fixing

Missing translations

  • When submitting an order in the borrow section in the German part, the success message has now been translated to German.
  • Tab “return” in German part of leihs has now been translated to German

Borrow section

  • The filter settings are not deleted anymore when switching from one category to another

Lending section

  • Feature delegation contracts: When searching for a user, not only his own contracts are shown in the overview but also contracts of delegations, where this user is acting as borrower.
  • Bug fixing: Adding an item or model is not case sensitive anymore. This bug was introduced with the PostgreSQL-Update
  • Bug fixing: It is not possible to lend the same item at the same time to the same user.
  • Bug fixing: Date field when editing the calender in the return page was buggy. Now it is possible to delete the date or type a new date

Manage section

  • Feature duplicate items: If you save an item where the serial-nr. already exists in leihs, you receive a warning asking, if you really want to save. This should help keep your inventory “tidy”.

Admin section

  • The shown time in the Audits-Page has been corrected to show the current time
  • The newest entries in the Audits-Page are now shown on the top

Installing leihs V4

  • Enabling LDAP in V4: How-to-documentation adjusted to enable LDAP under PostgreSQL
  • We now provide the possibility to create the first leihs-Admin-user through a UI
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